Help and support for parents


Working parents often need to entrust their baby to another caregiver. As the caregiver will spend a lot of time caring for your baby, you should consider if she is suitable for the job.

A desirable caregiver should be:

  • A reliable and caring person with patience and time
  • Able to understand and respond to your baby’s needs
  • Able to communicate with your baby, e.g. can understand what the baby is crying for
    • Caregiver needs time to form a stable relationship with your baby. Hence, do not switch caregivers frequently. If there are different caregivers taking care of your baby, agreements among all in handling will help the baby adapt more easily.
    • Parents should try to spend more time with their baby after work to interact with the baby and get to know her more. Maintain good communication with the caregiver(s) so as to know better about your baby’s daily routines and to adjust one another’s method of handling the baby.
Keep a good relationship with the loving and helpful baby-sitter

Support services


If you do not have help from family members to take care of your baby or cannot hire a childminder, you can try to find a baby crèche from the registered list or the Neighbourhood Support Child Care for occasional support.


Besides employing a foreign domestic helper, you can also hire a part-time domestic helper to help with your household chores.


If you have any queries about parenting, e.g. feeding, vaccinations, baby’s health or development issues etc., you can talk to the nurses at MCHC. You can also attend the parenting workshops for parents of newborns to 3-year-olds at the MCHC. Registering at our Parent-Child e-Link e-magazine and continuing to attend our Parenting Made Easy online course will give you comprehensive parenting knowledge too.


If you find that either you or your partner is emotionally disturbed after your baby is born, you should seek advice and assistance from the integrated family services in your neighbourhood. Please visit the website.