Can babies skip vaccination?

Although your baby may have some discomfort when taking vaccination, it can protect your baby’s health. As young babies are vulnerable to infections, to protect your baby against diseases and strengthen her immunity, you should bring her at allotted time to receive the appropriate vaccines and boosters. Immunisation can be given by injection or by mouth. When the vaccines are injected into the body, antibodies will be produced to give immunity against diseases.

Immunization card

You can bring your newborn to 5 year old child to the Maternal and Child Health Centres of Department of Health(DH), private hospitals or clinics for immunisation. The School Immunisation team of DH will visit primary schools to provide injection to students. You can also bring your child to private doctors for vaccination.

Immunisation provided to 4-6 months olds by Maternal and Child Health Centres (DH)

Besides those vaccines recommended by the Department of Health for inclusion in the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme, some private doctors and hospitals may provide other vaccines to protect children from certain infectious diseases. Parents should seek advice from their family doctor before getting their children immunised.