Parent-Child Communication

Playing and talking with your baby can stimulate her development in different aspects. Whatever games and toys, they cannot be compared to playing with YOU. Spend more time interacting with your baby to support her development and enhance your parent-child relationship.

Connecting with your baby ( 4 to 6 Months ) – English

Heading: Connecting with your baby ( 4 to 6 Months )

Narrator: Babies at this stage like toys of different textures. Although they can’t talk yet, you can still communicate with them through playing with them. It is crucial to have two-way communication with your baby. You two should take turns in the process.

Sub-heading: Stay face-to-face

Narrator: Place your baby in such a way that you can look at each other face-to-face and maintain good eye contact at the same level.

Sub-heading: Talk with lively expressions

Narrator: You can use lively facial expressions and high-pitched voice when talking to him.

Sub-heading: Wait for your baby’s response

Narrator: Always wait for your baby’s responses. Pay attention to his facial expressions and sounds.

Sub-heading: Imitate your baby’s sounds

Narrator: When he shows interest in responding to you, guess what he wants to say and imitate his sounds, when your baby looks irritated, change his position or let him have a break.

Sub-heading: Follow your baby’s interest

Narrator: Continue talking and playing with him, when he calms down. Keep playing with him till he loses interest. Start connecting with your baby now. Through the brief but frequent communication, both of you can understand each other more. It also helps building an intimate relationship between the two of you.