The Roles of Dad and Mum

A teething baby

By 6-12 months, your baby has reaches a new milestone of her development. Apart from satisfying your baby’s basic physical needs, you will also show your baby how to learn in different aspects. Now your roles are:

Your roles as a ……


Providing what your child needs for optimal growth and health; ensuring hygiene as well as a balanced diet when your baby starts to have solid food.



You have to foster a safe home environment as it is time for your baby to roll over, crawl and walk around at home.


As your baby starts to move around, allow him to play with different toys and explore the world freely in a safe and positive learning environment.

Teacher / Model

Teach your baby how to talk, play and what he can and cannot do by showing and doing it together with him.

Comforter & Supporter

Encourage your baby to explore and learn. Satisfy your baby’s sense of security by giving him praises, playing with him and comforting him when needed.