FAQs on Parenting

Q: My baby is now 3 weeks old and has red rashes all over his face. Should I ask the doctor for some ointment for rashes?

Babies has delicate skin which needs your care. It is very common for babies to have different kinds of skin problems after birth. For further details, you can refer to “Common skin problems of babies”.

Q: My baby cries a lot and her grandma will pick her up whenever she cries. Would she be spoiled?

Parents are happy to let grandmother hold the baby

Many parents are concerned about carrying babies too much will spoil them and make them become clingy. Actually young babies cry to express their needs. They do not know yet how to seek your attention. So you won’t be spoiling your baby by holding her. Picking her up immediately when she cries shows her that you are sensitive to her needs and thus enhance her sense of security. This can help your baby to have stable emotional development and an intimate parent-child relationship with you.

Q: My boy, who is now 3 months old, has recently taken in less milk. He just turns his head away and refuses to suck the teat. What happened to him? Please help to answer my worries.

Babies grow quickly in their first 2-3 months. After that, their rate of growth will slow down and their activity level will decrease. As a result, they will also reduce their milk intake, sometimes even take less milk than their first two months. As he will now get full easily, he may turns his head away to show that he already has enough milk. It doesn’t mean that he dislikes milk or refuses the taste. As long as your baby stays active, has normal growth and development, that means he is having adequate nutrition. It should not be a cause of concern to you.