Parent-Child Communication

Playing with your baby can facilitate her development in various aspects as well as understand her emotions. Spend more time to play and interact with your baby. Sophisticated toys are not necessary, even playing with daily objects helps to strengthen the relationship and communication between you and you baby.

Connecting with your baby ( 6 to 12 Months ) – English

Heading: Connecting with your baby ( 6 to 12 Months )

Narrator: At the special time of communicating with your baby, place your baby in such a way that you can look at each other face-to-face and maintain good eye contact at the same level. In this way, both of you can see each other’s response well.

Scene: Daddy and baby sitting face-to-face on a floor mat. Daddy bangs two blocks together and observes baby.

Scene: Baby looks at daddy and imitates him.

Scene: Daddy praises baby.

Narrator: Pay attention to your baby’s facial expressions and listen to her for what she wants to say. Respond to her accordingly. You can also imitate her sounds and actions.

Scene: Daddy imitates baby’s sounds and baby laughs. Baby puts a block into the basket and father imitates her action.

Narrator: You may use lively facial and vocal expressions to attract her attention if she shows no interest to the toys.

Scene: Baby follows daddy’s action and puts a block in the basket. Daddy claps his hands and praises baby in a high-pitched voice.

Narrator: Varying the ways you play helps enhance your baby’s cognitive development. Talk to your baby while playing with her. It helps enhance your baby’s language development.

Scene: Daddy covers the block and baby finds it under a bowl. Daddy claps his hands. Daddy hides the block again.

Daddy: Where is the block?

Scene: Baby finds it.

Daddy: Wow, you are right. That’s great.

Narrator: Let your baby take a break when she has lost interest in playing. There is no fixed way to communicate with your baby. You can make use of anything readily available to play with your baby anywhere, anytime.

Scene: Daddy shows baby a bunch of keys while waiting in the lift lobby.

Narrator: Connecting with your baby not only allows you to understand your baby’s emotions better. It also promotes various aspects of your baby’s development.