Your Baby’s Development

A baby with different toys

Babies learn very fast in their first few years of life. It is important to give them the appropriate facilitations to maximize their learning capacity.

Both nature and nurture affect every child’s development. While nature is important in determining your baby’s capabilities and abilities, the role of a nuturing environment is of equal importance in your baby’s learning and emotion development.

Development is a continuous process and has a certain sequence that children would go through. However, parents should remember that every child is unique. Children have their own pace in development and vary in their abilities. For instance, among a group of normally developing children of the same age, they may vary in the age to achieve a certain milestone. Some of them may be more advanced in their language ability, yet weaker in their physical ability (and vice versa). Therefore, as long as your baby is healthy and progressing, you need not be over-concerned about her growth and development with repeated comparison to other babies. If you are unduly concerned, talk to your doctors or nurses.
A few kids holding different toys