The Roles of Parents

By the end of the first month, you have probably gained a deeper understanding of the roles of parents. At this stage, your baby develops rapidly; apart from attending to his physical needs, you will find that he shows greater enjoyment and need of your company. Some working mothers need to prepare for their return to work after maternity leave, both the baby and his caregivers need to adjust to this transition. At the same time, different caregivers have to coordinate to provide the baby with loving care. In the midst of all these changes, it is important that you continue to spend time with your baby, understand his developmental characteristics and needs, and provide him with appropriate care and guidance, to support his healthy development. Let’s revisit the different roles of parents!

Your roles as a ……


To provide basic care for your child, including feeding and ensuring daily hygiene


  • To provide your child with a secure environment and physical measures for safety
  • To maintain your child’s emotional stability by fostering harmonious family relationship in the family
  • To have good financial planning for the welfare of your child


To teach your child new knowledge and skills

Role Model

To be a good role model in studies and upholding moral values for your child

Comforter & Supporter

To encourage your child to make various attempts and explorations; always spend time talking and playing with him and sharing his feelings