The Roles of Dad and Mum

Raising children is a lifelong commitment and responsibility. Parents have to strive at their workplaces and to take good care of their children and household at home, which are definitely challenges. It helps if dads and moms can have grandparents, other family members, friends or child minders to share out their parental responsibilities. To foster an intimate parent-child relationship, moms and dads nevertheless should try their best to care for their children, guide them and understand their interests since early infancy.To keep yourself updated with latest parenting tips, do visit our website, surf the internet, attend parenting courses, read up or exchange with other parents.

Your roles as a ……


To provide basic care for your child, including feeding and ensuring daily hygiene


  • To provide your child with a secure environment and physical measures for safety
  • To maintain your child’s emotional stability by fostering harmonious family relationship in the family
  • To have good financial planning for the welfare of your child


To teach your child new knowledge and skills

Role Model

To be a good role model in studies and upholding moral values for your child

Comforter & Supporter

To encourage your child to make various attempts and explorations; always spend time talking and playing with him and sharing his feelings